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“What a Beagle needs” How To Take Care of a Beagle with cute dog Louie

Some tips and tricks you need to know before getting a beagle. Find us on facebook if you have any questions about beagles! But don’t forget i’m not a vet ;-…
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  1. Beagles are the best!

  2. Louie such a cute and polite dog….at 1:11 when you put down his food
    cans, he looks at you 2 time before eat. He sure does grateful of what you
    do for him. :)

  3. I have a beagle

  4. where did you get the “beagle opoly” game?:)

  5. How do you remove the eye boogers my cocoa will run every time I try to do
    it and if I catch her she scratches me

  6. Daauwe Van huizen

    From wich country are you im from the netherlands and im 11 years old 

  7. I love that beagle!!

  8. What brush is that you used on him? Tnx in advanced!

  9. Nice harness you got for him…what’s the brand and size? I have a beagle
    as well.

  10. Louie makes my day.

  11. Damn cool!! But how to train in his puppy dayz?

  12. Great Video Louie ~! , we treat out Beagle like our son . he is well
    trained and quite smart . your videos are informative , and fun . Ray in

  13. You make the best Videos and Louie is the cutest Beagle in the world –
    other my mine

  14. Holy Cow!! Your Beagle is SO tiny!! How did you train him to “don’t take
    it” and “take it” with a treat? We have a 4 month old girl, and we haven’t
    figured out how to teach that yet. She sits, comes, lays down, etc.

  15. RollerCoasterFan23

    so funny cute and does BEAGLE – NOMPLAY doents even exist?

  16. Buster lover your videos!! X

  17. Lily TheBichonFrise

    I LOVE beagles there the best!!!!!!!

  18. A very informative video! But also sweet!!

  19. Miguel Angel Rengifo Arrunategui

    I like a beagle

  20. Love this! Awesome video!

  21. A beagle ( and all other dogs ) don’t need a smooth floor. It is bad for
    dogs joints.

  22. Greit game

  23. Get that food bag !!! Hahaha

  24. hahaha i bought that mind game but my beagle never plays it he sits there
    but doesnt plays it, what do i do?

  25. Your beagle is so cute

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