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Teach a Dog to ‘Take It’ and ‘Drop It’ | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Watch more dog training tips with Victoria Stilwell: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0C724F6F6A597540&feature=view_all Some dogs have a really hard ti…
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  1. porn voice

  2. This is absolutely garbage. She may sound like she knows what she’s doing,
    but her training is mediocre at best. How can anyone look at this and think
    she is actually being effective? Her timing is all off and her verbal ques
    are completely confusing for the dog to process. Contact a real trainer if
    you need help with your dog.

  3. Wtf..when the dog leaves the toy she says “leave it” rather than otherway
    around…very funny..Victoria dog teaching vudeos are full of crap..she has
    no leadership, no control on dogs, other than stressing the words..all
    words no action..

  4. I can’t do any of her videos she’s a dog whisperer

  5. I love Holland. What a sweet dog!!!!

  6. Hi, could you please tell what breed it is?

  7. This doesn’t help at all

  8. andakasapi@gmail.com Valdeta

    Everyone who said that Victoria is not a good dog trainer… You know
    whatt? Shut up please… I’m sure your dog would shut your mouth if he
    could… Just look how happy Holland is around her… And yeahh.. This
    really works… And some people said that she doesn’t give food for
    reward…!! Well… She gave Holland the toy right? If she would give him
    the food, he would not concentrate on the toy and the: take it, drop it,
    but in the food!!
    In the other videos, where she doesn’t gave the dogs toys, yep, she gave
    them food!
    Victoria, if you are reading this right now just know that i love you and i
    love watching your videos… The ones who said you were not good enough,
    she just said some crap stuff…

  9. alex ghoro you got the illuminoti signal on that picture

  10. Good training.

  11. I praticed this just not with words ;d the ques will really help thanks! 😀
    I would have never thought of saying drop it when its not in my hand. :d

  12. burstingwithflavable

    holland looks very happy :)

  13. wtf is wrong with this dog lol ?

  14. Lol.. I life in Holland


  16. Holland jumps just like my white swiss shepherd, it’s so cute.

  17. Try this with my shepard/Malinois and he’ll have both toys and a hand.
    Clearly, we have work to do.

  18. My dog is fixated on both toys very intently and whatever toy is in my
    hand. Does this confuse my dog if I am saying drop it and take it back and
    forth too fast? Should I focus on one command at a time?

  19. Great video!!!

  20. I have always played tug-o-war with all my dogs and they are all completely
    well behaved and would never harm us, so clearly those so called people who
    say not to play that have no idea what they are talking about. It is a
    natural behavior in dogs. 

  21. HAHAHA!! How is this a well trained and good behaived dog? How is it that
    people think of you as a good trainer?

  22. Yep, it’s a Golendoodle
    They are really easy to train

  23. Here’s another video teaching Take It/ Drop It. Victoria doesn’t use the
    clicker in this video because she’s not using food as a reward. The play
    is the reward in this instance.

  24. ForDogTrainers - Dog Portal

    Some dogs have a really hard time giving up objects. Today, I’m going to
    show you a really effective cue called Take It and Drop It to help your dog
    overcome this behavior.
    #dogs #dogtraining #dogvideo #effectivetraining 

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