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Puppy In Training TV – Ep2 – Take Your Dog To Work

http://PuppyInTraining.com Colby talks about the importance of taking a guide dog puppy to work and how Ascolta, a technical training company, allows him to …
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  1. Yeah, we think so too!

  2. @GuideDogGrownUp thanks! I’m glad you liked the videos. We attend the
    Orange County group meetings and we’ve been thinking about attending some
    of the others to meet other puppy raisers and give Dublin some different
    experiences. What group meetings do you usually attend?

  3. Awesome training! Although I won’t be getting a puppy for years when I move
    out and get settled, I’m sure this video will be very helpful 🙂 a few
    questions; how did you stop him from relieving himself at work, as he
    wasn’t in a crate, and getting him to stay so still? didn’t he get
    distracted by other people? and what did you initally do when he didn’t
    wait for your OK to eat his food and stay in his crate? He s must be the
    perfect puppy if he did that all himself!

  4. Also my puppy can become very excited around my cat. We have tried
    introducing them to each other but i think my puppy bouncy and energetic
    attitude scares my cat. Is there anyway to have them live happily with each
    other? thanks!

  5. i just got my guide dog puppy! She is five months old now but she sometimes
    has a nipping and biting problem when she does not have her gentle leader
    on…. and advice? thanks!

  6. Every cat and every puppy is a little different. I keep my pup’s on leash
    when they are introduced to new cats. Some cats alway run away while others
    are much calmer and tolerant of puppies and dogs (to a degree). I work with
    my mother’s cat who is very tolerant of puppies and it gives my pup’s a
    good first experience with cats. Good luck with your training.

  7. Love the videos! Maybe I’ll see you at a meeting!

  8. Congratulations on your new puppy! Pretty much every puppy we’ve ever
    raised liked to bite and nip. We put together a guide on our website.
    Unfortunately I can’t add links in the comments, but if you go to the
    PuppyInTraining website and type “biting and nipping” into the search you
    should find the article. Good luck with your training!

  9. @carlie9115 I’m glad you found our video again…sorry it took so long. I
    love looking back at the videos of Dublin when he was a puppy.

  10. @brocolims I have seen Growing up Guide Pup…Ricki and Amie do an awesome
    job on their show and they have an episode every week! We’re trying to get
    more episodes together and hope to get to the point where we can do a Puppy
    In Training TV video at least every other week. I’m glad you like our
    videos and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in our
    upcoming videos.

  11. @PuppyInTraining We attend the Sylmar group meetings which are still about
    60 miles from our house. Those are the closest to us though. We might also
    check out the Westside meetings.

  12. He might have been waiting paitiently, but he sure wasn’t eating
    patiently….he was gobbling up food as fast as he could!…Such a lab!
    Keep up the good work

  13. @fwuffleclouds15 thanks for checking out our video! As a small puppy he was
    always on leash or tie down next to my desk. I kept a close eye on him and
    took him out several times a day. He learned quickly that he wasn’t
    supposed to potty in the office. I talked all our employees and made sure
    they wait until he is calm before petting. When Dublin was really young I
    had to hold his collar until he stopped lunging towards his food. As soon
    as he stopped for a split second I let him eat his food.

  14. @zeroelus Dublin definitely eats like a lab. All of our Labrador Retrievers
    have gobbled their food down. In fact, Stetson used to eat so fast we
    bought him a special bowl to slow down his eating. We even put together a
    short video review on our PuppyInTraining blog.

  15. can you post more videos and do they ever use german sherphard dog?

  16. @GuideDogGrownUp hopefully we get to see you sometime at one of the events.
    Maybe open house?

  17. @tara6692 we’re working on a few videos right now and we will hopefully
    have one uploaded in the next day or two. We do use German Shepherd Dogs as
    Guide Dogs in our group. However, the majority are Labrador Retriever.

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