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Puppy Care – First Vet Visit

Matty the puppy’s first visit to the vet includes a detailed history, physical examination and set of vaccines. Dr. Andrea Pang of the Wellness Clinic at the Ontario Veterinary College Teaching…
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  1. I wish my dog was a puppy.Maybe then she wouldn’t freak out every time she
    goes to the vet

  2. What type of dog is this?

  3. Why would you not spay or neuter. Having your pet fixed prevents them from
    having litters of kittens or puppies that will most likely end up in a
    shelter to be euthanized. Spaying/neutering is something that all
    responsible pet owners should do. She isn’t a bitch for spaying her dog,
    she is doing the responsible thing.

  4. Six week is not pretty young for a distemper vaccine, most pups are done at
    this age. Also the vet says ”we also have a couple of other ones” when
    referring to core vaccines. Bordetella is not a core vaccine..

  5. Most puppy or kitten litters are unwanted.bif you knew how many cats and
    dogs get euthanized everyday for not having a home you would understand why
    it is important to spay/neuter

  6. My puppy is going for his first vet visit soon thanks so much for this video

  7. As a vet student, I can say that you should not expose a puppy to anything
    more than your backyard until they have been fully vaccinated against
    parvo, distemper, and bordatella. Young animals are particularly suceptible
    because their immune systems are underdeveloped. Think of a puppy like a
    new baby- most moms don’t expose their babies to other people for the first
    few weeks after birth for the same reasons.

  8. she is cute as frig!!!!

  9. visit ww.puppycareadvice.info

  10. The vet applauds the owner for keeping the dog only in the yard since it
    has not completed its boosters. Keeping a dog away from meeting the outside
    world at a crucial age like this will make him miss out the most important
    phase of a dog’s life: the socialization process. Karen Overall likes to
    point out that dogs die more from behavioral problems due to lack of
    socialization than infectious disease..

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