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How to take care of Yorkie Puppy (Pointy Ears)

How to take care of Yorkie Puppy.
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  1. Que estupida
    Porque no te no te pegas tu las orejas con una cinta y te las unes haber si
    a ti te gustan
    Que estupidez lo que haces con ese pobre animalito

  2. He is so cute where did u get hem I am looking for a dog and looking online
    but they r expensive so I was just wondering where did you get him and what
    he expensive

  3. my yorkie has floppy ears and i love him the way he is …

  4. 🙁 I don’t think I would like my ears to be taped so I wouldn’t do it to my

  5. That looks so sad :(

  6. U evil bitch

  7. You guys need to get a little perspective on this process before showing
    your lack of intelligence. Being a Vet this is a very common practice that
    has no harmful effects on your puppy. If you want to compare it in the
    human world then you would totally reject braces for you children, plastic
    surgery to correct any of 100’s of deforms.. The simple fact here is a dog
    with ears that stand up is much less likely to be in the Vets office for
    ear mites, infections etc. Please get a grip especially Sheldon….

  8. Marleny Alvarenga

    So cute >o<

  9. That looks so wrong in many ways, I would not do this to my dog ever!

  10. Can he hear? lol I think youre doing it wrong 

  11. That’s so mean

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