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How to Take Care of a Puppy: Bringing a Puppy Home

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  1. I am getting a puppy next month,pitbull or doberman?

  2. Guess what? My sister just got a puppy today. 3 hours later, she leaves to
    party with friends. 

  3. I’m getting a pug pup in 10 days! Can’t wait :D

  4. ProtonFusionGaming

    im getting a puppy soon i cant wait! 

  5. Thank you so much!! Helped me alot!! :)

  6. Which breed is it at 3:40 ?

  7. Fönn Leifsdottir

    Thanks, I used to have a dog but we gave him away when I was younger since
    im older my family is buying a puppy.

  8. meh .. you don’t need all that stuff for a puppy right from the get go; in
    time you need things such as nail clippers but not immediately.

  9. Matylda Mankowska

    I have been waiting for a year now I’m finally getting a cavapoo puppy I
    have wrote down all this and I’m telling my mom today thank you so much 

  10. Man those puppies are cute 🙂 I wish I could have a puppy!

  11. But how will we know when he haves to go to the bathroom

  12. This helped me a lot thank you!

  13. I might get to take a black lab puppy home 🙂
    SO excited.

  14. Im getting my puppy in a month and cant wait and also i do have a
    question,i have an adult cat that dosent really like other animals so how
    do i prevent him from running away or bulling him 

  15. why is she doing the indian head shake? :P

  16. my mom wont let me get a puppy how do i persaude her we think about it
    usually but she says give me a better reason

  17. I want a puppy but my parents are telling me excuses and saying that I
    won’t look after it but I will…

  18. I’m getting a pup for Christmas!! (Or maybe a while after!) it’s gonna be
    the first time I ever had my very very own pet!!

  19. Woot! Getting one tomorrow. Hope this works ✨✨

  20. What is exercise pen?

  21. Puppys/Dogs don’t deserve to be in a crate

  22. I have kids and another pet

  23. stephanie herrera

    Im gettin a huskie and pit bull mix tomorrow !

  24. Thanks for the help

  25. Sambasevam Shanmugam

    What breed is the puppy at 2:48?

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