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How to Take Care of a Corn Snake | Pet Snakes

Watch more How to Own a Pet Snake videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/511032-How-to-Feed-a-Corn-Snake-Pet-Snakes Learn how to take care of a corn snake in …
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  1. I got a question, why is my cornsnake nocturnal, he moves like every now n
    then during the day n stuff but usually sleeps or sits still but at night
    he stays awake n explores his cage alot sumtimes I turn the regular cage
    lite on (not the heat lamp) and he goes to hide till I turn it back off, he
    watches my tv alot from the cage kinda weird in my opinion, n he seems to
    be more active wen the temp is lower that 75-70 which I find weird since
    snakes are cold blooded, other than that he normal tho he only takes a few
    sips from his’ water every few days n hes always curious n flicking his
    tongue which I heard is a good sign of a healthy snakes, wen I pick him up
    hes always curious n wants to crawl in my hair (im a guy) but wat about the
    nocturnal behavior? Should I play with him all day so he sleeps at nite one
    day to switch his sleep scudule???

  2. I can imagine hearing him say

  3. Michael Schattschneider

    I have raised corn snakes for 12 years and of course, as any other pet,
    they need shelter, who would have guessed it?! My male cornsnake Mitch II
    has fathered five litters, just wait until you judge, he has selectively
    chosen the same female snake, my first, Jaws, every time… And to tell ya
    luke, the longest recorded life span of a “domesticated cornsnake” being 26

  4. How long do corn snakes live

  5. This video is a joke. Haha having a snake with a morph does not cause
    health problems. Haha want to see snakes follow my instagram @lilgarrett419
    I have 20 snakes and 2 lizards

  6. You people who hate snakes like destiny Simons should get the hell of the
    coments why can’t girls be fuckin mature its because they sit on their big
    fat ass and play barbies aka fuckies and drink tea why in the fuckin hell
    do girls watch this if they hate snakes come on girls oops I means fatasses

  7. why do most americans sound like they have no idea what their talking about

  8. There’s no such thing as being cold blooded. The blood is never cold, it’s
    a lie that we have been told our entire life. Ectothermic is the correct
    term, in which an organism relies on the environment and behavior to
    regulate body temperature. I know he said ectothermic in the video, I was
    just giving some info.

  9. Alexander Starchild

    How to take care of a reptile? Take it outside and shoot it. It is the only
    way to ensure your family’s safety – view my channel for the Truth.

  10. Biggles and Beagles

    right so a video how to care about corn snakes but he is holding a king
    snake WTF, also utter bull this is the worst video I have seen for their

  11. but what if u have a 8 foot cornsnake??

  12. How do i get humidity in a small wooden vivarium

  13. Can you help me figure out if my corn snake is a girl or a boy

  14. WoT-Blitz- KeisariRotta 123

    i want a cornsnake too but you know parents…

  15. EXCUSE ME, CORN SNAKES ARE NOT BIG SNAKES! they can grow up to 10-12
    inches, and thats it. And they are not constrictors! Colors do not have any
    ‘inbreeding’ problems, they are perfectly the same as your typical corn
    snake. And a corn snake can do just fine in a 10 gallon tank thank u very
    much! And im pretty sure those temperatures are wrong! I rest my case 🙂 

  16. Nice video! 😀 corn snakes are the best

  17. I saw he had a king, and I stopes watching

  18. They have no venom 

  19. What morph is the one at 2:41

  20. I’m a long haul truck driver and I want to get a pet corn snake. Does
    anyone have any suggestions for me?

  21. Hi i had a corn snake but he was only active during nights whas this

  22. There are two kinds of constrictors. The actual boa constrictor, and then
    the idea of constricting that refers to the act of a snake constricting
    when eating. Boa’s, pythons, corn snakes, rat snakes, milk snakes,
    kingsnakes and even other colubrids are constrictors, because a lot of the
    time, they may constrict while eating their prey (alive or dead). That’s
    what he means by constrictors. 

  23. Are those front locking Exo Terra tanks good for Baby corn snakes? I have
    the 40 gallon Zilla tank and my corn got out last night and we JUST NOW
    found him. I’m not ready for that to happen again so I’m planning on
    getting him a new tank tomorrow. Are those Exo’s completely sealed?

  24. Are you scared

  25. Howcast sucks!

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