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How to stop leash biting- clicker dog training

This is a video tutorial on how to teach your puppy not to bite at his leash. Don’t start the training games, AS the problems are occurring. Start the games when your puppy is calm and relaxed…

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  1. Mensah Prescott

    Hi everyone! Video is cool, Thanks! There is this interesting FREE document
    at “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (do a google search)? Hurry before
    the FREE manual is taken down!

  2. Beautiful spotting!

  3. @MicOnTesting Kiko has other videos of much bigger dogs…. such as a
    Mastiff. But you’re right, perhaps KikoPup might consider a video
    demonstrating the progress of a shelter dog that pulls like a bull.. from
    beginning to end.

  4. Cut down on food when you are using training treats.

  5. really help full with my 2 months old pit bull. .. and your nice to look at
    too ;0)

  6. Omg I forgot how cute dalmation puppies are!

  7. My english mastiff (Thor) and my fox terrier (steppy) keep crying when put
    the leash, any other ideas?

  8. I would love to heae some help for this – same problem.

  9. First? thank you for this video 🙂

  10. I use kibble from her daily allotment. No treats.

  11. Jacqueline Strand

    My collie bites the lead whenever a motorbike goes past (she ALWAYS goes
    utterly mad when she hears or sees one) or when a car passes. I guess its
    just because she cant get to the bike or car. She sometimes does when we
    set off on a walk. I just say `leave it` and stop until she does. No
    problem. I like the way you are so calm and so sweet to the dogs on your
    videos, including your own ofcourse. What a lovely pup!

  12. @MeadowLarkBC Check out zsianz1 s channel she has a video on that exact

  13. Some of kikopup’s other videos deal with these sort of problems. They focus
    on rewarding your dog for being calm; rather than targeting him solely when
    he is in an excited mood, find him when he is calm, or wait until he is
    calm, and reward him. Keep an eye out for calm behavior and reward him when
    you notice it; don’t wait until he is acting up. It’ll take a bit of time
    and several sessions, but it will teach him that he is rewarded for being
    calm and he’ll learn to enjoy being calm.

  14. Hi I have a 10 week german shepherd pup that gets way too excited and when
    he does he chews and chases everything in sight, when I try to stop him he
    growls and bites me hard I’ve been putting him in his cage whenever he does
    but I really want to know how to stop this behaviour some help would be
    greatly appreciated.. he also has some major focus issues

  15. love it!

  16. chihuahuabulldog

    Well done, as usual!

  17. @kikopup and I Agree 🙂 Setting dogs up for success should be the new fad
    in dog training, and I hope it doesnt go away.

  18. DeltaDalmatian

    Oh man, what a gorgeous little puppy and adult dalmatian. Spots have a spot
    in my heart obviously. Lol She is sooo cute. Thank you for another great

  19. @kikopup Here is a video of me walking a Saint Bernard that pulls on his
    first lesson. All the dogs I have in all my videos (besides my own dogs)
    where chosen for the specific subject because they have issues with it. I
    usually dont get footage of the dog doing the “bad behavior” because if you
    know that practicing the behavior is reinforcing, then why would you get
    the dog to do it just to have a good video? this vid I happened to get a
    shot of the dog tugging the leash by accident

  20. I just used your technique on my 9 week old English Golden Retriever pup.
    He learned to leave the leash alone in just 15 minutes! He used to bite
    frantically at the leash and shaking and tugging it without let-up. We
    practiced what you said over and over again and pretty soon he didnt care
    about the leash one bit. I will continue to reinforce this lesson to
    solidify it. Thank you. He’s already impressed us and showing some of the
    best turn around ever!

  21. washitaiwanlan

    all i have to do is say NO then my dog will stop

  22. @kikopup My dog has learnt to behave perfectly on the long line, but he
    knows as soon as he is off the long line, he can get away with what ever he
    wants. I don’t know what else I can do for an inbetween step- a lighter
    long line perhaps- like some string or fishing twine? He’s an older dog and
    I’m having difficulty finding motivation that works in his old age too-
    probably a contributing factor in the above. Any ideas!

  23. Awesome! A lot of dog owners have this problem with their dogs and I am
    sure that this video will help them tremendously!

  24. treat training is so flawed im currently teaching my neighbor how to get
    there 9 month old blue nose to listen to them so i wanted to see if anybody
    else used my techniques dogs feed off emotions positive verbal saying such
    as good boy and actual positive physical contact take longer but you have a
    more obediant dog also never hit your dog not even a tap on the nose that
    just shows them to be scared of you and can eventually lead to you getting
    your face bit off later when the dog gets older

  25. @MissBarghest Did you follow kikopup’s advice in this video? Or is your
    okay indoors, but only leash bites once you get out?

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