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Dog Training Tips : How to Wash a Dog

When washing a dog, use a hose to clean the face, underbelly and back. Clean a dog using a high powered hose attachment with tips from a certified dog trainer in this free video on pet care….
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  1. The colder the better!!!

  2. omg. she’s not having fun…poor doggie

  3. rodger frankenberg

    It was easy to make this video because your dog is so obedient. I don’t
    think most dogs would like being sprayed with a hose at all.

  4. Perfectly Insane

    sorry to say this BUT thats not washing you didnt even touch her you just
    sprayed her and obviously the water was TOO COLD I mean it came from a hose
    and the dog was trying to get away from you!

  5. Matthew Gilmore

    Dog Training Tips : How to Wash a Dog ???? it should be Dog Training Tips :
    How to spray your dog with tho hose Waste of 1:06

  6. Turning the hose on your dog is not the same as washing a dog.

  7. you didn’t wash the dog you just got it wet-not the same thing.

  8. @tisaacso3625 so right i tried washing mine with hose but she keep crying
    and run away.

  9. @36volleyballchick i use shit and barf when i wash my dogs u should try it
    and if you don’t you can lick my dry ass!

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