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Dog Training – Teaching your dog remote boundaries

Dog Training - Teaching your dog remote boundaries

Ashton Fitzgerald shows some fancy moves while teaching his puppy some boundaries of staying on a sidewalk and moving side to side. You can implement training and your dog into anything that…

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  1. 1234gimmeascream

    @fenrirk9 so here we go. I think that it is a matter of respect towards the
    dog to understang its psychology and to kind of enter its wold. A dog is
    born to follow a leader and to obey the pack rules, yes. But the leading
    dog in a pack does not need a remote or shock collars while migrating with
    the pack, or while hunting, or whatever. U can bring as much distraction as
    u want to the dog, it will stay in the pack.

  2. OntarioUrbanMusher

    those shock collars?

  3. 1234gimmeascream

    hahaha, your’e funny, isn’t that a very nice way to say “electroshock
    collar”: sit means sit collar!! are you kidding me?? maybie sit means sit,
    but bond means bond and not elektroshock!! remote electronic dog
    training!!! this is disgusting

  4. 1234gimmeascream

    @fenrirk9 Goddamn the limitation of characters…Have u ever seen a pack of
    wolves where every one goes running after rabbits and sniffing around? just
    as many times as you have seen a pack leader shocking the other pack
    members to teach them the rules, eh?I put up rules and give the dog
    limits,I dont think that an elektroshock collar fits into this pattern
    (actually it doesn’t fit into any natural pattern, does it?) if u use one,
    your just to lame toexpress strenght trough your mind.

  5. They have a lot of different setting including vibration.

  6. With all the fun you guys have been having lately with your videos, I was
    waitting for Fred to throw a stick out in front of Ashton lol sorry Ashton
    but great work as always!!

  7. 1234gimmeascream Can we see how your bonding technique produces a well
    trained dog? Post a video reply of you and your dog with distractions
    around cpmpletely off leash…I’m willing to bet that if you do …it will
    be a place that your dog has seen many times. When you throw stones always
    be prepared to back up what you say in the future!

  8. 1234gimmeascream

    @fenrirk9 soo sorry i answer u only 3 months later, bit late eh ^^ anyway,
    who tells me that in the vid isn’t a place that dog has seen many times?
    and also, i throw my stones very prodly, my “bounding technique” is based
    on nature. Yes because it you want something to direct with a remote, don’t
    go into the pet shop, go buy a roboter instead. My dog follows me because I
    am his natural leader and notbecause i’ll elektroshock him if he does not
    follow me. ahh, i have only 19 characters remaining

  9. I like that. Boundaries, direction, attention skills all in one session.

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