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Dog Care Tips : How to Give Your Dog a Massage

Give your dog a gentle massage by applying firm but gentle pressure starting across the bridge of the nose and then working to the ears, neck, down the back …
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  1. 1:10 Look at the look on his face.. he’s like “ooohh yeah”

  2. – Loll at how the dog is looking at the camera man xD still a cutie though!

  3. dude tht dog is goin to kill the camera man

  4. lol i actually tried that 😀 when i stopped my puppy got angry so i did it
    again.. omg this was actually helpful to me !!.

  5. Hes like OH MYY GOOOD

  6. That dog looks fuuuckkedd up.

  7. how do you do the snout a first because i have i pug

  8. Anyone try Hawaiian Health Ohana’s pet care products???

  9. Aww! This is wonderful. What a cute dog by the way!

  10. Actualy my dog has arthritis and this really does relax him he doesnt look
    like that dog however, my dog just closes his eyes like hes enjoying it and
    eventually goes to sleep =)

  11. The dog looks like, “I like the massage but I’m way more interested in
    knowing if this camera is safe.”

  12. im only likeing it because of the saddest dog in the world

  13. My dog has pointed ears

  14. Emo dog

  15. GTA 5!!

  16. @stephyheart Sorry to hear about your pooch. Glad the massage is helping!

  17. ChristianCamouflage

    tc. like my dog would let me do that to her!

  18. The dog is saying kill me… but why??

  19. Poor puppy

  20. I was joking when i put this in google. Never thought it’d appear…

  21. omg! me too! my dog has arthritis!

  22. The dog is like “how did I get talked into this?”

  23. @TominatorJ Ah, yeah. This is a tutorial on how to make a dog relax. Making
    him your pet, in other words, is taking over the responsibility of caring
    for him which includes everything from food to shelter to training. 🙂

  24. the puppy looks sad

  25. 1:09 haha, that dog is like SAAVE MEEEE!

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