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Dog Care Tips : How to Give a Dog a Shot

Many dogs, specifically diabetic dogs, require shots at home, which can be a great challenge. Give a dog a shot with tips from a veterinarian in this free vi…
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  1. wow! thanks for the advise! I really need your tip badly! thanks

  2. It would have been good to see him actually inject the dog.

  3. Well are dog drinks loads of water and sometimes doesn’t eat but he’s been
    tested for diabetes and is fine so don’t worry too much

  4. how does this help? Anyone who has been to a vet can tell u this

  5. Now I’m more confident to start the allergy shots on my precios shorty Jack
    Russell. She’s a trooper.

  6. How long until you felt comfortable – my dog was just diagnosed and I am
    having a hard time getting used to the injections.

  7. Not expensive at all if your veterinarian gives you prescriptions for
    Walmart. Costs me less than $32.00 per month for insulin & syringes. Don’t
    know how you feel, but thats not expensive to keep my best friend alive!

  8. i need help, how many times does dog take a vaccine?

  9. I was never really comfortable with giving him the shots, but after having
    my vet help and train me how to give the injections i felt a bit better. I
    would do anything for my dog, even if it meant stepping out of my comfort
    zone. Unfortunately, he died a week after returning home due to other
    complications, but at that point I was already used to it an my dog didn’t
    mind them. Sorry I’m not much help, but I hope everything goes well!!!! 🙂
    and good luck.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this video!!!! I recently found out that my
    dog is diabetic, and I was scared out of my mind about giving him
    needles!!!! Now not so much! Thank you again!!!!!

  11. sorry about that i dint know dogs could have diabetes

  12. I hope you are doing Ok now with your dog. Our dogs has been getting
    insulin 2xs daily at first it was horrible. He fought us all the way and
    yelped. I hated doing it. He finally got to realize he gets treats after
    the shot, so he settled down and life got easier after about 2mons. Now he
    is fighting us again and it is so upsetting. I guess you just have to do it
    like it or not and be gentle with yourself. Best of luck.

  13. THANK U!! I have to give my pitbull an injection today (now). He ate my
    shoe and now hes throwing up!!! ioooooo:)

  14. insulin shots for dogs= very expensive =/

  15. Please post for an IV shot! I need to get ready for vet school!

  16. wow very informative video.

  17. chinga tu madre lo necesito en español wey…

  18. I go 2 vet before for dog injection and none of them shot like that .. so
    now what ??

  19. Oh, I am sorry to hear about your dog. You really have a loving heart for
    your dog. Dog is just like human, they need health supplement as we do in
    the environment we live in. Have you heard OPC ? OPC can help lowing blood
    sugar and I have a video in my channel shows you OPC formula for dogs and
    cats. I know many dog owners give OPC to their dogs and they have a lot of
    health benefits from it. I hope it will help your dog as well. Take care.

  20. thanks a lot for this tip. I’m living in Mexico, and the vet gave me shots
    to give to my dog. I was kind of freaked out, but it all went great thanks
    to your video!

  21. This was informative video–thanks, now Im going to administer my pet’s
    vaccinations. 🙂

  22. TheKalifzkalifatu

    Thanks Doc, thanks to that I just gave my french bulldog a shot. Thanks a

  23. thanks, my dog was just diagnosed with diabetes and i have to give insulin
    shots. I’m still very nervous.

  24. I too am having a hard time getting used to giving my dog shots, especially
    because many times he struggles with me. Hope it is working out for you.
    Funny thing is I gave insulin shots to people and I was OK with it, but
    when its my dog its tough.

  25. dont say that aw34a4

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