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Best Way to Feed Your German Shepherd Puppy!

Best Way to Feed Your German Shepherd Puppy!

The best way for you and your family to feed your German Shepherd Puppy!! SUBSCRIBE 🙂

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  1. Antwain Gaskins

    That is smart

  2. This is good except for the fact that your not waiting till your dog is
    giving you attention by making eye contact. You’re simply just waiting till
    he sits then quickly feeding him. I personally don’t own a dog but from the
    videos I’ve seen good dog owners recommend you wait till the dog gives you
    attention (eye contact). Beautiful pup though. 

  3. he was diarrhea after eat this food :(

  4. I needed this!! Getting my first GS pup tomorrow and totally didn’t think
    about that. So they don’t bite or feel the need to protect when eating 🙂 

  5. I remember when my shepherd was that small, she’s 6 months now. Wish she
    was that size again

  6. German Shepherds Rock

    What annoys the crap outta me… this video or my GSD videos have trouble
    breaking even 1000 views, when videos about shit “cute” breeds (useless
    yappy little dogs) are raking in 500k views.

  7. omnomnomnomnom

  8. Veronica Torres

    That’s actually the best way to feed your German Shepherd. Shows them
    respect towards you. Your puppy is ADORABLE!! I would cuddle with him all
    the time!

  9. I have a german shepherd too it just turned 3 months on the first day of

  10. How old is your german shepherd ?

  11. Find appropriate nutrition diet for your German shepherd:

  12. 10 weeks in this video but he is now almost 11 months old.

  13. Your puppy is beautiful!

  14. raul abraham sandez barrios

    So cute❤️

  15. So cute 🙂 I have one too but a German Shepherd half Siberian Husky.

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